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Useful links regarding accessible toilets

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Our resources

This form enables you to tell businesses that an accessible toilet has not met your needs. It provides them with an opportunity to improve their toilet provision and tell you how they will improve things.


  • Guide to Accessible Toilet Standards and Equality Act Requirements

Legal_requirements[View the content/summary on this link]

Download pdf version Guide to Accessible Toilet Standards and Equality Act requirements



  • What makes a toilet accessible. An introduction to the needs of disabled people and assistants/carers. 

What_makes[View the content/summary on this link]

Download pdf version What makes a toilet accessible





  • Going Beyond the Minimum Requirements. Our guide to why toilets may need to go beyond existing standards to provide equality of access. 

Beyond_standards[View the content/summary on this link]

Download pdf version Going beyond the standards_







Pinterest Boards (you can follow products/pictures to original websites)



  • Document M (2015) – free – standards and guidelines for accessible toilets in public buildings.

Some of the main 2013 amendments include:

  1. references relating to the Equality Act 2010 and Equality Act 2010 (disability)
  2. updated guidance on access statements, door opening forces and changing places toilets.
  • BS 8300: 2009 Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people. Code of Practice. For purchase  

This British Standard provides guidance in the design of new buildings to make them more accessible including toilet provision. Its recommendations can also be applied to existing buildings and used as a basis for their improvement.

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9 thoughts on “Useful Resources

    • Changing places are included heavily in our guides 🙂 The first guide is legal aspects and doesn’t focus on facility details. The second two are feature focused and have lots of CP info 🙂

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