Re-directing Urine – Gadgets and Gizmos, part 1


When you can’t get to the toilet to pee – what do you do? If you can get close, a urine re-director (also called a director) might work. They are basically a funnel and tube design which extend your urine stream.


If you can stand easier than sitting – women might use a urine director to pee whilst standing. If you can’t get near to the loo – you might want to direct or re-direct into a container or storage device.

In this blog we look at some of the gadgets and gizmos for women that can take your urine stream in a better or different direction – and how to use them. In the next part we will look at items specific to men.

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* Please Note we do not sell these products – merely provide information and an example of where they can be purchased. Other retailers may be available.

Urine Directors

Directors allow you to pee standing – directing the flow of urine into a toilet or collecting vessel.

They come in many different shapes and some are rigid whereas others are totally flexible. Many come in materials that are suitable for people with allergies e.g to latex.

You can choose from the sort you use once and throw away – or the more popular ones which you rinse, dry and fold away for next time.

For some of them, you can re-direct the urine into a storage device (urinal), down the toilet via an extension pipe or into a urine bag (bags can also have a gel that soaks up the urine and turns it to a solid for easy disposal).

How to use them

If you have some mobility and a level of dexterity, grip and balance – these may be an option for you. There are some important things to take not of – many people have been unhappy with devices wondering why urine won’t flow uphill!


Wash them before and after use – many come with a storage bag.

  • TIP: If you use a wheelchair and can not shuffle forward, to the edge of your seat then, due to most having a downward spout, you will not be able to get the correct angle – and urine will not flow downwards using gravity (it will gather in the cup and then spill backwards or over as you remove it) – remember these are gravity, urine channeling devices.
  • TIP: Key to all of these is maintaining a back seal at all costs – or you will dribble or overflow backwards. This one what I personally found difficult with weaker arms and fingers.
  • TIP: You need an extension tube long enough to reach near the toilet or container without causing splashing! Sometimes you can extend with a pipe from a DIY shop – be aware that the narrower the pipe, the more the urine could backup into the cup and spill – so choose a spout with a wide diameter.

If standing, you will need to be able to stand with your legs apart and hold the director under and close to your body at a specific angle whilst urinating.

To use them whilst sitting, you need need to be able to shuffle right to the edge of a seat that is not contoured to hug your pelvis. You need to be able to pull aside knickers and hold the director at the correct angle – using gravity to ensure flow goes down towards your receiving vessel.

All devices suggest practicing in the shower or bath – however if you use a shower/bath chair/stool – the position and firmness of the seat is very different to balancing on the edge of a wheelchair cushion – so practicing might be difficult. It will give you an idea of the angle required and whether you can hold it though.  A lot will also vary depending on how rigid or flexible the director is.

LadyP: RRP £9.95 from http://www.cleanseatuk.comLadyP_Female_Urination_Device

  • Disposable: No
  • Features: Round edge seal, grip loop
  • Material: Silicone, flexible, soft, medical grade
  • Accessories: Yes, protective case, extension tube, urine absorbent pouch can be purchased (or a gift pack)
  • Colour choice: 4 colours


Whiz Freedom: £9.99 from


  • Disposable: No
  • Features: Hydrophobic, anti bacterial, foldable.
  • Material: Thermo Plastic Elastomer, medical grade.
  • Accessories: Connecting tube extension available, organza bag, plastic  bag.
  • Colour Choice: No
  • Other: Available on NHS prescription


Shewee: £6.00 from


  • Disposable: No
  • Features: Hydrophobic, anti bacterial, foldable.
  • Material: Unknown.
  • Accessories: Extension pipe and carry case available
  • Colour Choice: Yes
  • Other: Available on NHS prescription



GoGirl – £11.98 on Amazon by

GoGirl even produces T-shirts and lip-balm and tattoos for their products if you want to share how wonderful it is – they has a very good marketing campaign. The proof is in the testing so here are the details if you want to give it a try. They have a useful video on how to hold and use the device.


Picture Source :

  • Disposable: No
  • Features: See picture
  • Material: Silicone, medical grade.
  • Accessories: Extension tube and plastic carrying bag
  • Colour Choice: Lavender or Khaki




Freshette: £ varies from £20 to £100 from different retailers. or buy direct from the US.

I have tried these as they have been around since the early 1980’s, and they are reviewed by many as the best and most robust to handle – but they are difficult to purchase in the UK – so shop around if it looks like this might be the one for you or buy at a good price from the US.  The design has been ‘improved’ since the first edition


  • Disposable: No
  • Features: Anatomical contouring.
  • Material: Hard plastic
  • Accessories: Extension tubes of varying lengths and carry case available.
  • Colour Choice: No




The Pibella Comfort – €19 from

The claim is you can use this device sitting in a chair or laying on a bed. My own experience said I either have faulty anatomy, position or angle because I had no luck with this smaller devices – but it’s a very individual thing.

You ideally need to use these smaller ones right next to your urethra (i.e. parting the labia) and again getting the angle right. Diagrams are provided and a video to help.


  • Disposable: No
  • Features: Water repellent, boil-proof
  • Material: Plastic (Polypropylene).
  • Accessories: No – comes with a lid though.
  • Colour Choice: No


EZwee – US product but worth mentioning $14.95

For use sitting, standing or lying down.



  • Disposable: No
  • Features: Contouring.
  • Material: Plastic with rubber cover
  • Accessories: Collection bag
  • Colour Choice: No





P EZ- Estone:  £2.55 from Amazon (Also sold as the SODIAL(R): £1.63


  • EstoneDisposable: No
  • Features: Anatomical contouring.
  • Material: TPR (plastic)
  • Accessories: No
  • Colour Choice: No


Disposable urination cones

Below is just one example of many disposable urination cups and funnels. They are essentially a disposable, anatomically shaped cone that you put in the bin (not flush) after use.

P-Mate – £3.99 for 5 from



  • Disposable: Yes
  • Features: Recycled
  • Material: Waxed cardboard
  • Accessories: No
  • Colour Choice: No



Do you have a 3D printer?  – Print your own device – the ChickD!ck

Urine samples made easy

Use it device

Use it deviceToday I came across the Useit by It’s a urine sample collection device for none sterile sample and is great for women in particular with limited or no hand mobility/grip.

At first I thought it wasn’t any different to the way I would normally provide a urine sample. At hospitals they put one of those paper cardboard bowls over the toilet.  My husband transfers me from my wheelchair to the loo, and then when I’m done, a nurse takes the bowl to get a sample from that.

However, the more I read about this genius device the more I thought every hospital and clinic should have these.

How do you give a sample if you have no use of your arms or can’t grip anything (or reach because you are pregnant) ?

You use a bowl as described above (GPs often don’t have these and send you home with the message ‘just do it somehow’). I’ve been told this on quite a few occasions.

The bowl method has several disadvantages though when you’re a wheelchair and/or or hoist user.

  1. During the transfer it’s easy to dislodge the bowl so it falls down the toilet.
  2. You have to gingerly be lifted off from the toilet or transfer yourself and risk the urine filled bowl coming up with you and throwing your precious sample all over you, the floor and your assistant/carer.

Pee into a bowl held under you by someone else?

The other option is to hold the tube under you as you pee. This can leave you unstable and prone to falling if you have no balance. Alternatively you need a willing person to hold a bowl steady underneath you if you can’t hold things.   You then have to decant into the sample tube.

Either way, it’s messy, embarrassing and undignified for all concerned. It can be so distressing that people can decide not to give a sample and be treated.

What does this device offer?

What is different about this device is firstly it securely clips onto the toilet pan under the seat.

The second great part of the design is that the sample bottle screws into the collection bowl and the overflow just streams into the toilet – so it is hands free straight into the bottle.

It’s washable and can be used for none sterile samples over and over again (for men and women).

Everyone needs one of these if you struggle to give a sample and you can buy them for less than £10 form their website. I think that is great value – I was expecting the price to be 4 times that!

You can order and view videos and information on their website.

They are also on Facebook and Twitter.