It’s finally arrived – the Aquarius Porta Bidet


I’ve been waiting a few years now for this product – and had given up all hope – then today I noticed it had arrived and was ready to purchase ….. so here it is – the Aquarius Porta-Bidet.


Retailing for the VAT exempt price of £195 (free carry case if you order now worth £25) this might be just what you are looking for – (Pre-order price secured with a £50 deposit until March and free entry into a draw to win one for the deposit price).

I’m excited because the chances of finding a toilet that a) I can get on to and b) has a bidet feature, on holiday, is almost nil.  However, It’s the thing I love about coming back from holiday – oh how I miss my bidet!

So what has this to offer. Well, it’s battery operated which claims a powerful pushing wash nozzle and it gets the water from a reservoir container you place on the floor (so no plumbing or tampering needed).

Let’s look more carefully.


This is a screen shot from their video on:

I have a portable spray unit like this that fixes just under the lid – which I bought to make my own portable bidet. My unit came from South Korea and cost about £25 …. but pumping water through it was going to be the difficult part … so let’s see how Aquarius Hygiene do it. Interestingly (and somewhat annoying for me) they can bulk by I assume and offer this part as a replacement ‘spray arm’ for only £9.95.


Again, I have taken a screen shot – you fill the unit with water and it has a built in pump and an on/off switch on a tethered handset (which has a hook if you want to hand it nearby). The nozzle retracts after use (and whilst I couldn’t find details on the nozzle spray unit they used – I assume it has a hygiene ‘rinse through’ to keep the nozzle clean?

The unit is a pleasing aqua green and white colour – no information on how big but here are further details:

  • It uses rechargeable batteries
  • 1.5 Litre capacity
  • Minimum of 50 wash cycles per charge
  • 4 wash cycles per reservoir
  • Under 2kg in weight.

The nozzle is not adjustable – so you get the spray wherever it lands (I know this will be problematic for me because of the way my pelvis ‘sits’ – so if you can’t sit right back on the loo or have pelvic deformity where you don’t sit ‘evenly’ you may just get a wet thigh instead. For me, some water is better than no water!

I’m pretty sure to be getting one – so I’ll give it a full review in the summer when I’m on holiday.

Until then…

Should carers and personal assistants use accessible toilets?


Assisting someone to use the toilet is probably high up on the  ‘Things I assist with’ list for carers and personal assistants.

This week World of Accessible Toilets will be focusing on carers and personal assistants for carers week. (

Today:  Should carers and personal assistants use accessible toilets?

Generally, its considered abusive to use an accessible toilet if that person doesn’t need the facilities. The main grounds for this are that part of being accessible is also being available – very important if you only get a few seconds warning before having to run to the loo.

So, is it ok for a carer/Personal Assistant to pop to the loo – in the accessible toilet, if there is a queue for the other ones?


Suppose they are with someone with ‘high support needs’ and don’t want to leave that person on their own for any longer than necessary.  Someone with anxiety, learning difficulties or autism for example may also benefit from assistants being able to quickly use accessible toilets.

Big picture thinking for disability equality.

We need to see access differently – access is bigger than wider doors and grab rails. A carers’ ability to quickly go to the loo, in an accessible toilet, might mean the difference between going out or not, for the person they assist.

The beneficiary is the disabled person – whether they need the loo or not and that is what is important.