Government consults on mandatory Changing Places


The government is undergoing a public consultation (part 1) providing the finer details of including Changing Places toilets in the Building Regulations (Document M, Sanitation).

Visit: Changing Places (England) Consultation

You can have your say on issues such as:

  • Types of buildings
  • Trigger values eg cinemas would be based on x number of seats, others triggered by footfall or space.
  • Size and equipment provided
  • Costs to businesses
  • Equality impact assessment of provision.

Full details are contained in the pdf document provided on the consultation page. You can participate by email or online.

One thought on “Government consults on mandatory Changing Places

  1. Paul Warren

    ▪Disabled toilets should be present in all buildings where the public are in attendance ie any govt building, restaurant, cinema, pub, school, station, marketplace, park, shop, waiting room, etc.
    ▪Disabled toilets must not be used as store rooms. They must be inspected twice daily on opening days, and kept clean fresh and usable. There must be a working supply of flush water, washing water, soap, and paper handtowels.

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